Aimsweb Update–11/2015

I met with ERESA to get our Aimsweb 2.0 questions answered.  Important things to know as you go forward:

  • You may not enter scores any earlier than LAST WEEK.  If you’ve been saving your scores to enter them all in at the same time, this is what you’ll need to do:  First, enter in your benchmark scores for last week, even if they were from September.  Then add in each of your other testing scores each WEEK (instead of every two weeks) until you are caught up and can enter them every 2 weeks when you actually give them.  I spoke to a company rep and made a request that we can enter scores at any time, even as far as a year back.
  • When doing WRITING progress monitoring, your benchmark score is written as PROBE 1.  All subsequent testing should be written as PROBE 4,  ALL YEAR.
  • If you have blank spaces where there should be boxes when you try to input scores it means that you have not yet set a testing schedule for that student and subject so you’ll have to go back to do that.
  • You may change to “off-grade” progress monitoring, and when you do this, your benchmark scores will disappear and you will be asked to input new scores.  Use PROBE 4 for your benchmark score and continue forward.
  • Use the Benchmark area of the website to set schedules and the SCORE area to enter progress monitoring scores.
  • I am going to see if there can be a designated secretary in each building who will be responsible for inputting scores so you don’t have to.  I will keep you posted.
  • If you go into the system and your old scores are not populating or something else weird appears to be happening, you can call Tech Support.  However, tech support told me that the system is still glitching and to log out and try again the next day, and those scores will probably reappear…
  • Do not hesitate to call Aimsweb Technical Support at 1-866-313-6194.  They have been very helpful so far.

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