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Super Brain Yoga–VIDEO

Watch this 4-minute video on Super Brain Yoga.  It is one simple 3-5 minute exercise that has you crossing the mid-line and it gets your students (and you!) moving–and smarter.  I’m going to try this with my classes this year and I’ll keep you posted!  Let me know if you try this with success in your classroom, too.

CONGRATULATIONS to Virtual Debates!!

Giving a big SHOUT OUT to Virtual Debates, a website from a New Jersey middle school, the first place winner for the “Best Use of Video and Media in Education” Award!  You have something really great here, folks!  I have enjoyed watching some of your debates and LOVE the idea of connecting with other schools world-wide. WAY TO GO!  You have sparked some new ideas for me, too!  Here’s a VIDEO POSTCARD FOR YOU!

…and A BIG HUGE THANKS TO THE 172 OF MY FB FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO VOTED FOR MY WEBSITE!  I am honored to have come in 2nd to this fabulous group of teachers in New Jersey!

Movie Night in the Park

Well, it’s not Language/reading related but I thought you all might want to know that the Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce is starting up a “Movie in the Park” event … starting tomorrow night with a showing of “Finding Nemo.”  Hope to see you all there.  Here’s a poster with all the details;