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Fluency Passage Organization Tip

If you’re like me, it’s no fun at all to make multiple trips to the copy machine, and all those fluency passages per student add up to lots of pages.  This is what I do to make things much easier organizationally…

Let’s say a student is on Level N in fluency.  I would copy all the passages for Level N, O, P, Q and R and put them in the student’s binder in the Fluency section.  That way, each week it is so easy to go on to the next one because it is right there.  That’s enough for approximately 30 weeks!  (I also put a sticky note on the first page of each level as a visual reminder that a new level is starting.)

So, what if the student is zooming ahead and doesn’t need all those passages?  Simply take them out and file them away for the next student who needs them.  More often than not, our students need most or all of them, but when I have a student who is doing really well at a level and he asks to move up to the next level, I check him on the next leveled passage and if all checks out, I move him up.  It’s that easy.

When you copy the passages, I suggest you copy them in packets (all of the passages for Level N together in a packet, for example.)  If you keep them that way in your filing system, they are easy to pull out and put into binders.

If you have any suggestions for your fellow teachers on organizing fluency, feel free to comment on this post!


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  1. Erica says:

    Great minds think alike! That’s pretty much the same thing that I do. I copy each level in a packet at the beginning of the year. I made about 10 copies of each level so they are ready to go when I need them. So easy : )

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