As a parent, I have searched far and wide to find really solid, usable advice on parenting over the years.  My sons are all grown up now and creating lives of their own but I still find myself using the information I have learned from Kirk Martin on a regular basis.  I apply it mostly to my classroom now, but as we all know, the job of parenting never, ever ends.

I posted the following blurb back in early 2013 and want to post it again in hopes that you may benefit from its content:

“With three teenagers and a myriad of things on my “to-do” list, my life is busy, and I’m guessing yours is too.  One of the best sources of information I have found on parenting and teaching is a website called “Celebrate Calm” ( Kirk Martin is a dynamic speaker and writer who puts out a FREE newsletter on his website. You can get FREE notices of new posts if you subscribe. You also get FREE access to all of his speaking engagements–which are also FREE, by the way. Churches or schools sponsor his workshops for parents and teachers. I have attended three of his presentations and he is always full of excellent advice and support for all of us. He really speaks to how to keep calm in your life, whether you are supporting a young child who is emotionally melting down, or helping your 15 year old who is having a “teenage moment”. He speaks of taking care of ourselves first so we can do the hard work of taking care of others. He often answers questions that parents and teachers pose to him–things that happen to all of us in our homes and in our classrooms. Did I mention how helpful this man’s words have been to me yet?  (A quick aside–his son, Casey, does speaking engagements directly for KIDS and he is really, really wonderful too.)  Kirk and Casey have produced some super helpful CDs for parents and kids.  You can find these on his website, if interested.)  Parents, check out Kirk Martin and “Celebrate Calm”, and take a step toward making your life more calm and manageable! Teachers, share this information with the parents of your students if you think it would benefit them. Once you do, let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!”

Happy 2016, Happy Parenting, and Happy Teaching!