Most likely, the only homework I will ever assign is to have your children read read read.  I have a huge selection of books for the kids to keep in their book boxes.  Once a book is read, your child picks a new book from his/her book box.  Library books work, ones you have at home are great–your child just has to ask me if it’s an appropriate reading level.  Forty pages a week is the assignment.  Every week, all year. Your child has a plastic book envelope.  Inside is the book to be read, the sign in sheet so you can sign that your child read (at least) 40 pages, and a green laminated sheet to keep in there that explains everything for you in case you forget.


If you ever have any books your kids are done reading and you don’t know what to do with them, DONATE THEM to my classroom!!!  I am always looking for more books!

Kids–keep shooting those baskets…er…I mean, keep reading those books!  Reread those books!  Try new authors! READ!

Bring it on!

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