Our GLPS Classrooms


If you visit our GLPS classrooms, this is what you will see…

  • the current learning goals and what activities the students will be working on that day
  • students working on computers.  They are used every single day!
  • students working in small groups
  • a book shelf packed with books of many different reading levels.  Students may check them out at any time.  We have many types of books including Goosebumps, Michigan/American Chillers, Harry Potter, and more.  Students select from these for their Book Boxes.
  • boxes of leveled non-fiction and fiction books for the students to put in their Book Boxes for take-home reading.
  • motivational charts for students to post how many books they’ve read this year so far
  • white boards and markers for individual work.
  • live plants making oxygen to keep our classroom air clean and make the place look great
  • students actively engaged in learning, making their own goals, putting stickers on charts when skills are accomplished, helping each other, and achieving great things!

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