A little bit of background….

I am a special education reading teacher as well as the literacy coach for the teachers in my district.

Part of my day is spent teaching 7th and 8th grade readers who need extra support.  The first of my day is spent as my district’s literacy coach.  The rest of my day is spent teaching Language! Live.  I provide teacher training and support throughout the school year.  Our elementary special education teachers use Phonics for Reading, the Language! program, and the REWARDS program to teach and reinforce basic reading skills for our students. They also use the Autoskills Academy of Reading and the Reading Assistant computer programs.  Our middle and high school teachers use Language! Live.

What gets great results?

When parents and teachers work together as a team with the student, everyone wins.  Student achievement goes up, frustration goes down, and everyone is happy!  You will find that it is easy to communicate with me because you can reach me in a variety of ways, but you will also be hearing from me on a regular basis.

Your child will…

  • be reading many, many books at home this year to improve basic reading skills.  I encourage everyone to read books at or slightly below their instructional level so it remains fun.  Students make their own personal goals in the beginning of the year on how many books they will read.  Let’s hope they each reach their goal!  Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • be invited to his or her IEP meeting along with you because it’s all about YOUR CHILD.
  • be involved in engaging and effective reading instruction daily to give your child the best chance of success in school.
Everyone charts their progress!

Keeping in contact…

I will also be attending parent/teacher conferences throughout the year.

I encourage any parent who wants to call, email or schedule a visit!  I am always open to suggestions, too!


In each school year I have seen an average of 1.7 year’s growth in my students.  I have even had students make two or three year’s gain in reading level in a single year.

Across the district, we have seen a dramatic improvement in student reading scores in the past 5 years.  We have more students exiting special education than we have ever had before.  Our goal is to give our students the skills they need to make it on their own, minimizing or eliminating the support as they can handle it.  I hope to continue my job in this manner to keep the momentum going!

So … what will your child accomplish this year?

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