If you’ve checked out my video series or have found value in my “Parent Tips” or “Teacher Tips”, you might be wondering how to subscribe to my site and be notified instantly for each new post —  instead of having to remember (or not) to visit my web site.  Here’s how:

How to Subscribe to My Posts

  1. Go to
  2. In the first field, type
  3. In the second field type your email address.
  4. In the pull-down menu, you can either keep it set to “Realtime” or you can switch it to Daily Digest.
  5. The site will send you a confirmation email.  Click on the confirmation link provided and you’re done.

You’ll now be notified of new posts from

Let me know when you sign up.  That way I can keep track of who’s tapping into my site as a resource AND I’ll be able to notify you if anything glitchy is happening with the Subscribe Feed or my site.

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