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Parents and Teachers, I challenge you…this year, be bold.

Make the mistake of trying something new in front of your children/your students, and see how it goes, mistakes and all.  The more we show how BRAVE we are, the gutsier our kids will be to try new things!

Make the mistake of trusting your students in the cheating department.  Communicate by your behavior that you do not expect cheating.  If they do, design an appropriate lesson that will help them learn from that experience.

Make the mistake of making mistakes ON PURPOSE in front of your students or children.  It will show them that you are human, and by modeling how you handle them, you teach by example how they can manage their own mistakes.

Make the mistake of rewarding mistakes in the classroom and at home.  Kids need to know it’s okay to make mistakes.  Use them as teachable moments.  The best learning, the learning that sticks with us the most, happens when we make mistakes and learn from them.

Make the mistake of letting kids sit by their friends in class.  Let them know that this opportunity is a way to show responsibility.  As long as they remain responsible by acting appropriately by their friends, this opportunity remains.  If they don’t, well then, the opportunity goes away.

CELEBRATE mistakes!  Learn from them!  Be bold!  Happy New Year!

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