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Ukelele Lesson #4

“Cheat sheets”, as we sometimes call them, are a wonderful thing. Last Friday, I asked my students how important their multiplication charts were to them. The resulting and rather loud answer was, of course, “Very, very important!” I showed them my chord chart and explained to them that I absolutely could not learn any of these new songs without this chart. I have to refer to it all the time. In school, and in life, if we really want or need to learn something, to see it over and over will help get it into long term memory. Did you know that, for the person with an average IQ of 100, it could take FIFTY or more repetitions to get something into long term memory? Fifty. It will take practice, practice, practice. They should expect this and not get too discouraged. I have to remind myself of this often now, because those darn chords are not easily sliding their way into my long term memory just yet. I still have lots of work to do, but I am not giving up. It’s getting to be too much fun. And…it’s not cheating to use a very helpful tool like this–it’s SMART!
(On a quick and fun aside, when I started playing “Brown-Eyed Girl” last week, the BOYS all spontaneously got in a line side-by-side, put their arms around each others’ shoulders, and started swaying to the music! I felt a little bit like a rock star. Tee hee. Yeah, just a little bit!)

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