Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year, Teachers and Parents!

Welcome to the new school year at Grand Ledge Public Schools!

My name is Francie Skarritt and I will be teaching Language! Live at Hayes Middle School this year. I have been teaching for 29 years and am looking forward to another year using this wonderful program. Language! Live is designed to help your child improve in reading skills.

Part of my days will be spent as the district’s literacy coach, as well. I provide support to any elementary or secondary general education or special education teachers who teach literacy through the Language! Live or Language! Programs.

Please look around on my website for teacher or parent tips, videos of lessons taught, and for more information about my classroom and myself. Check out a great (and short!) video on what Language! Live is all about. Click on “Parent Tips” in the Parent section, and scroll down to the fourth entry. In addition, there is a short power point on the elementary reading programs we use. Just look over on the right side of this page and click on the icon. Feel free to leave comments on any posts you see throughout the coming year. I love feedback!

If you would like to reach me, the best way is by email (skarrittf@glcomets.net). My classroom number is 925-5649. The best time to reach me is after 2:30.

Here’s to a great year ahead, and to LOTS AND LOTS of reading!

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